“What is Backflow Testing?

A Backflow device protects your water supply to ensure it remains pure, clean and safe from contamination. The Australian Standards (AS/NZS 3500) and the water industry regulations require all buildings fitted with backflow devices to be tested annually. Plumbers Plus qualified technicians specialise in providing test procedure and relevant documentation, ensuring your compliance.

It is a requirement under the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002 that owners of installed testable backflow prevention devices must:

  • Register the device with local government
  • at least once a year, have the device inspected or tested by a person who is licensed to do the work.

If backflow testing is not completed the council have the authority to take action against the owner.

Who Needs Backflow Testing?

Plumbers Plus provide testing and installations for all devices and sites including:

  • Industrial and commercial Backflow testing
  • Apartment complex Backflow testing
  • Manufacturing site Backflow testing
  • Hospitality Backflow testing
  • Medical, dental and veterinary Backflow testing
  • Agricultural and horticultural Backflow testing

Will the water be shut off during the test?

Yes, from anywhere up to 30 minutes. We are mindful of your business requirements and will work with you to minimise any inconvenience.

What is Plumbers Plus Backflow Process?

As part of our backflow testing, we recommend that the backflow valve is tested yearly.

After testing all forms will be sent to the local council as well as to our customers. We will also keep the information on our database, as a Plumbers Plus customer we will contact prior to testing due date as a reminder that testing is due to be carried out to ensure you are not in violation of the relevant statutory requirements.