New Home Plumbing Services

Plumbers Plus supply and install all plumbing requirements including solar hot water systems for new residential homes. Generally, we work directly with the builder but we are also more than happy to work with the home owner where required.

We have been taking care of new home plumbing requirements for three decades now and our team of qualified plumbers are highly skilled; we will always provide advice on the best and most practical way to do things and our product knowledge means that we are able to recommend brands and companies to use for the different fixtures when required.

Our team have established a reputation for always being punctual and never being the cause of a delay – and we always clean up after ourselves.

If you have any questions about our plumbing services for new homes or would like to organise a quote for an upcoming project, contact Plumbers Plus today on 0418 714 057.

The Plumbers Plus Process:

We have refined our process for fitting and installing the plumbing on new homes to just four simple steps to ensure that working with Plumbers Plus is quick, easy and stress free:

Step 1: Quote to Plans

We provide no-obligation fixed price quotes for all new home projects. Simple get in contact with us and send us the plans, specs and any brochures for the tap ware and fixtures and we will provide you with a quote. The quote is fixed price and will only change if any of the plans or fixtures are altered.

Step 2: Meet On-Site

If you accept our quote, then we will meet onsite with the builder as well as the home owner to walk through the different stages of the project and discuss the locations of everything. We will also meet again at the roughing stage to confirm the exact position of all of the fixtures.

Depending on the size of the house, we might have multiple on-site meetings to discuss different areas or stages of the home.

Step 3: Schedule a Start Date

We will organise a suitable start date with the builder – we pride ourselves on being both punctual and flexible; this means that we will be on site and ready to do the work on the specified date but we also recognise that sometimes things get delayed and the start date may need to be pushed back. We are flexible and accommodating of those situations and will work with the builder to organise a new start date.

Step 4: Supply Plumbing Final

As part of our service we always organise the final inspection and sign-offs and provide the builder as well as the home owner with the final certificate of competition from the council.

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